Most of the mares at Kinskystable are born at the stud. 15 years ago it started with a group of KWPN mares who were covered with Baron. Some of those offsprings are stil active and produced up to 4 generations. The Ulft line become the biggest group of mares who are showing a lot uniformity, hardness and lovely personality.  


In 2012 we introduced 4 new mares from Germany, bred by Gestut Hilkens. They have the best German bloodlines in there pedigree and all proved there self individual already. The golden colour comes from different bloodlines what gives the opportunity to breed cremellos with a compleet pedigree without in breeding.


We always have a small group of mares who fit our philosophy and are bringing new possibilities for improvement. Farah, Quickstep and Coroul are some of those mares. They all have there own extra factor that’s makes them really fitting and bringing in new blood.

Camlough Coral Tyger
Olympus Quickstep