The goal of Kinskystable is to breed a strong sporthorse with an extraordinary colour.
Our horses are selected on their character, on their balance in their body and on the power in their hind legs.
We use horses from different studbooks which have all of these requirements. 


There are about 35 stables on Kinskystable. The stables are split in 3 different barns where we keep the horses.
The stallion barn is located in the centre of the property with paddocks next to it.
The mare barn is a light and big barn, where we keep most of the riding horses and the mares, which will give birth when the foal season starts. Here we have big stables and camera supervision.

The youngster barn is on the other side of the farm. There we have group housing, where we keep the foals and the 1 and 2 year old mares. 

The main focus at Kinskystable is dressage sports, but the strong (older) bloodlines make many of the horses also capable to perform in showjumping or eventing. 

Each year Kinskystable expects about 10 foals, of which some are for sale. When buying a foal you get the chance to be involved with the choice of the studbook. There are also several approved stallions in the stable available for breeding.