Stable name: Alize

Studbook: Westfahle, NRPS
Pedigree: The Alchemist x Florestan I x Ferragamo
Year of birth: 2012
Height: 16.1 hh
Colour: buckskin 
Predicate: Prok, Ster

Hilkens Alizé is a very beautiful and intelligent mare with an elegant appearance. She is bred by Gestut Hilkens who have been known for their successful breeding for decades. She comes from a state premium mare by Florestan I. Her father is the thoroughbred stallion the Alchamist. This full-blooded stallion with the color cremello was very successful in eventing and was approved for several studbooks in Germany.
Her offspring are very brave and have a cooperative character. Partly because of her high percentage of thoroughbred she also gives potential eventing horses in addition to very fine dressage horses.
Her son Enzo Baron from Baron Exactly will be trained towards eventing. In 2017 she produced a very beautiful stallion foal by Don Deluxe who will continue his career in dressage. Within breeding we have a mare by the stallion Baron with whom we are very attentive. In 2020 her mare foal by Charming Gold baron received a first premium at the inspection


Hilkens Alize

NRPS, Oldenburg Prok, Ster
2012, 16.1, buckskin

RFF The Alchemist xx

2003, 16,2, cremello

First Lady

Westfalian, St, Pr, St
2003, 16.3, black

RFF King's Ranson

1996, 16.3, palomino

RFF Golden Miracle

1998, 16.2, palomino

Florestan I

1986, 16.3, bay

Fair Lady

Westfalian, St, Pr, St
1999, 16.1, bay

Milkie's Desire

1986, 16.2, palomino

Sister Georgette

1981, chestnut

Glitter Please

1982, 16.3, palomino

Ms Tcom

1983, chestnut


1978, 16.1, bay


Rheinlander, St, Pr, St
1979, 16.2, bay


1990, 16.3, bay


Westfalian, Verb, Pr, St
1994, 16.1, bay

16,6 % bay
16,6 % chestnut
16,6% buckskin
16,6% palomino
16,6% cremello
16,6% perlino


Offsprings 1st generation

Afira Barones

Pedigree: Charming Gold Baron
Studbook: NRPS, 1e primium
Birth date: 2020
Colour: bay


Pedigree: Baron x The Alchemist
Studbook: NRPS
Birth date: 2019
Colour: palomino