The property is 3 1/2 hectares in the middle of the forest, with more than 100 mile of trails to explore, also crossing the Belgium borders.

At the property there are big paddocks for the horses were they can go outside during the day. The horses are going outside in groups and there is always hay available. 

The arena is always workable with a nice flooring and good light at night. 
Next to the arena we have the roundpen with the same flooring. The roundpen is below ground level so it is possible to use it also for aqua-training if we choose to flood it.

There are around 35 stables on Kinskystable. The stables are split in 3 different barns were we keep the horses.
The stallion barn is in the hart of the property with the paddocks near the barn.
The mare barn is a light and big barn, were we keep most of the riding horses and the mares. When foaling season starts most of the mares wil give birth in this barn were we have big stables and camera supervision.

The youngster barn is on the other side of the farm. There are group stables were we keep the foals and the 1 and 2 year old mares.