The goal of our breeding is to produce a strong sporthorse with an extraordinary colour.
Our horses are selected on their character, balance in their total body and the power in their hind legs.
We use horses from different studbooks who have all of our requirements. 


The breeding of Kinskystable has been started by Christie Dreessen in 2005. Since 2011 she shared this passion with her partner Aldo Doveren. Together they gave the breeding program a big boost over the last decade. Aldo and Christie both grew up between horses and are having their own company as an equine professional, which really connects to their passion for breeding. Aldo is veterinarian and his main focusses are orthopedics and sporthorses. Christie is equine dentist and runs her equine veterenairian dental clinic VPGC.

Our focus is the most on the dressage sport. But because of our strong philosophy are much of our horses also suitable for the showjumping or eventing. Each year we expect around 10 foals and some of them will be for sale. When you buy a foal at Kinskystables, you often have a say in the choice of the studbook. We also have different approved stallions in our stable who are available for breeding.